Canadian Sustainable Fashion Brands

In Canada, sustainable fashion is here to stay.

Many clothing designers across Canada are producing garments using organic and sustainable fabrics, low impact dyes and fair trade and labor practices.

Customers are becoming more aware of sustainable fashion, also. In a 2013 study conducted by Cotton Incorporated, 33% of consumers said they search for environmentally-friendly clothing for themselves. Also, 50% of those consumers said imported clothes are less eco-friendly.

I’ve mentioned before  one of the stumbling blocks with sustainable or “slow fashion” is the association with “hippie” clothes or designs that do not look contemporary. This is where designers have made considerable progress.

The Canadian designers listed below successfully combine the use of sustainable fabrics and create contemporary designs. For those of us who want to shop locally and move away from fast fashion, these designers offer a way to do both.

Zen Nomad: Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Zen Nomad’s draped, slinky dresses are fashioned from sustainable materials and low impact fabric dyes.


Nicole Bridger: A designer committed to fair labor practices and recyclable materials, her core closet collection is a great way to create the base for an eco-conscious wardrobe.


MiiK: If you didn’t know, you’d think you were on the Ann Taylor website! MiiK’s tailored, elegant suits means your work wardrobe can be sophisticated and sustainable. This company is 100% Canadian, too.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Canada


Want to see more designers like these?

Another resource for Canadian eco-friendly clothing brands is the Ethical Fashion Forum website. Search the database by location to find designers near you.

Are you embracing the slow fashion trend? What local retailers do you support and why? Join the conversation below.

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