Five designers that have embraced sustainable fashion

Embracing sustainable fashion is now coming into its own and it is exciting to see what others are doing to make a difference in the choice of what and how your clothing is made to reduce the impact on the environment.

These are a few of my favourite designers who are part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Faustine Selnmetz

Faustine re-created old trends in new styles and fabrics, using her own handloom. She became well known by re-interpreted designs by replicating mass produced garments through modern techniques and giving them a new identity. I really enjoy the handmade garments she makes. Her process is an inspiration.

Marlouche Gagne

Gagne has a great taste for winter clothing. Her luxury style is very popular and it is all created using recycled product. She cares about the products she used to design her styles and we should all appreciate that.

Leanne McElory




“By committing to using natural, renewable resources, we can significantly make a difference on the environmental destruction we are causing every single day. Little steps are what count.” Leanne prides herself on creating designs based on recycled and natural products.

Diana Auria

Diana also does a great job creating beautiful pieces while consciously sourcing sustainable material with close attention to chain from waste and the discarded to fashion.

Katie Jones





Katie Jones has a funky style to her that is hard not to love. She consciously puts the environment above consumerism, while using materials from landfills, factory seconds, and textile wastes.

We each have the power to change the world every day by the simplest things we do. Even in the choice of fashion, we can make it a kinder and more caring place.

ChibaAttire is a part of this mission and this up and coming brother team design and produce garments with that care and respect for the earth and its inhabitants.

If you would like to learn more about CHBAttire clothing, please check them out on Twitter (@CHBAttire) or

Thank you for being part of the movement of conscious clothing and becoming a thread in the tapestry of our new world.

Respect, honor,and dignity,


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