Five Ways to Clean up Your Wardrobe: The Samurai Way

How to Samurai your Wardrobe.

How to cut your Wardrobe the Samurai Way

End the Madness of Closet Control!

Drowning in disarray? Trapped in your closet? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get up, get dressed and not be stressed by looking for that outfit for the day?

Here are five ways that have worked for me to take back my closet:

1. Throw away what you don’t wear. If you would not wear it, why keep it? Clear the way for something you would wear.

2. Buy one, donate one. When you replace something, get rid of the previous item to ensure your mountain of clothing does not grow.

3. Quality verses quantity. Pick versatile, timeless pieces that last rather than those that go out of fashion quickly or deteriorate in the first wash.

4. If it doesn’t fit, gift it Often we have that piece of clothing that we think we will fit again… Give it to someone who could use it rather than have it rest in your closet. Another idea? Let your friends shop in your closet!

5. Go deep. Most people put on the first thing they see on the top of their drawer or at the front of their closet. Explore a little deeper and you might find hidden treasures that forgot you purchased! You can use these clothes or might realize you’ll never wear them again. These make for good donations.

These are a few ways that you can take back control of your wardrobe, cut the excess, and find your closet freedom.

If these steps have helped, I would love to hear about your experience or share things that have worked for you to end the Madness of Closet control.

Live, love, laugh, and be free,



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