Helping Others is Always in Style

Fashion is usually associated with glamour, excitement and eccentricity. But fashion in Canada can also be associated with charity and kindness. Here is a list of 5 Canadian companies and non-profits making a difference through fashion:

Fashion Takes Action 

Founded in 2007, the vision of this Toronto-based non-profit is for “every garment, shoe and accessory to have sustainability stitched in, from fibre to finish.”

Through education, awareness and collaboration, FTA works to inform consumers on the social and environmental impact of fast fashion, and to change the way people wear clothes.   They promote the use of sustainable fabrics, and work to educate fashion businesses and entrepreneurs about issues such as unjust labour practices and toxic chemicals used in common fabric production. FTA encourages simple lifestyle changes like hanging your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer, wearing vintage or used clothing, attending clothing swaps, or monitoring how you use your washing machine and detergents, and their approachable, green-friendly campaigns make change seem easy for everyone.   With a growing membership base, FTA has worked with more than 300 apparel businesses and entrepreneurs, participated in over 50 events, collaborated with academics and NGOs and received millions of media impressions.

Peace Collective:

Peace Collective is a comprised of Canadian designers chasing their passions while leaving a positive impact on our community.

Aside from their amazing clothes, the company also helps provide nutrition to kids through their Peace Foundation. Today $4 from every garment sold is donated to Breakfast for Learning which provides two healthy meals and a snack to a Canadian child in need.

The company is based in Toronto but is expanding to other regions across the country.

The Toronto Fashion Incubator 

The Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) is a non-profit that’s all about small businesses and getting fashion industry entrepreneurs off the ground.

The award-winning and highly-acclaimed non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting and nurturing Canadian fashion designers and entrepreneurs.  Budding fashion students and entrepreneurs can join the organization’s outreach program for access to their vast educational resources on anything from sales and marketing techniques to long-term business planning and networking opportunities. For $275 a month, resident members have round-the-clock access to TFI’s creative studios in Liberty Village, a new designer’s safe haven stocked with a full library of resources and expert mentors. Since its launch, the TFI model has been adopted by over 30 cities worldwide, including London, Paris, New York, Milan, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Chicago. For almost three decades, TFI has fostered many of Canada’s most celebrated talents such as Sunny Fong of Project Runway Canada fame, Joeffer Caoc, David Dixon, Pina Ferlisi at McQ, Todd Lynn, Arthur Mendonça, Line Knitwear and Smythe.

Dress Your Best: 

Suits don’t come cheap. Dress Your Best, run by the Live to Give Relief Organization, helps men find stylish, quality clothes to help them in their employment search. The 14-year-old operation, which thrives off of used clothing and financial donations, works to help disadvantaged men in the Toronto area find gainful employment by providing them with high quality, professional apparel for job interviews and employment. Image consultants meet with referred clients to help them find a personalized, professional wardrobe suited for first impressions and everyday use. The organization provides over 700 outfits annually to its male clients.

Dress for Success:

With 140 offices in volunteer-run offices in 21 countries around the globe, Dress for Success is one of the best known fashion non-profits. In Canada there are 11 chapters in cities such as Vancouver, Regina, Montreal, Halifax and Toronto. Their objective is simple: to help women transitioning from unemployment to the workplace dress for the job they want, because sometimes, looking your best just doesn’t vibe with your personal finances. A membership to Dress for Success also includes meetings under the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) aimed to teach women who are unfamiliar with office dress etiquette how to get along in a corporate environment, handle their finances responsibly, and develop career-advancement skills.

Inside the Dream:


Inside the Dream was created to alleviate the financial burden of graduation expenses that some students are not able to afford.  Dedicated to boosting the self-esteem of teens in less-than-desirable financial situations, Inside the Dream (ITD) is a charitable organization that provides free formal attire for high school students who can’t afford all the fees that come along with looking nice for prom and graduation day. ITD’s annual formal wear event, Boutique Day, is an opportunity for referred students to shop for dresses, tuxes, and accessories free of cost.   While ITD is located in Toronto, it helped spur on other similar charitable groups across the country, such as The Cinderella Project in Vancouver, The Princess Shop in Saskatoon, and Dress Dreams in Prince George.

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