Menswear: What’s Cool for Summer 2018

What’s new for menswear in 2018? Designers showed off a variety of new styles for men around the world during fashion weeks everywhere from New York to Milan.

Although most designer fashion for men is too extreme for the average man to wear, the ideas that start on the runway eventually create the styles for ready to wear clothing.

If you’re a man that needs a new summer wardrobe or you’re shopping for the man in your life, here’s what you’ll be seeing in the stores for summer.

Vertical stripes – Striped shirts and suits were everywhere this season. Thick lines to pinstripes. The designs are more relaxed than typical pinstriped business suits. Best of all? Stripes are flattering.

Racing stripes – The athletic pant was remade this season. Higher quality trousers and skinny pants featured broad racing stripes. Paired with posh shirts and shoes, this look can leave the gym and hit the streets.

Tonal dressing – Black and white is classic. But what about white, off white and beige? Designers layered t shirts, shorts and pullovers in neutral tones such as white, grey and mauve.

Millennial pink – Remember the chapter in A Separate Peace when Phineas wears the scandalous pink shirt? Ok, now we can all forget. This isn’t bubblegum pink, but a masculine, neutral tone. It’s official: Men can wear pink and not look like Hello Kitty.

Oversized – Designers draped huge, button down shirts with giant pockets on models and sent them down the runway. Jackets and trousers were loose and oversized. This is one of the harder looks to pull off – so men are better off sticking to an oversized jacket or trousers, but not both.

Menswear is never going to be as exciting as say, Chanel haute couture, but it’s fun to look at how styles evolve from the runway to the department store.

What do you think of the summer trends for men? Let us know!

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