More Than Just a Button

I lost a button and had to pull out my mom’s old sewing kit.  The old tattered box is filled with not only thread and buttons but also fond memories of my mom teaching me to sew a button on.

I still hear her voice guiding me…

Step 1.  Thread a needle pass it thru the wrong side of the fabric

Step 2.  Bring the need thru the opposite whole down thru the fabric

Step 3.  Repeat until the button is secure

Step 4.  Knot at the back and the button is sewn on

Step 5.  Success

Something so small and insignificant can be so significant.  More than just a button, a fastener or accessory, but also a hidden treasure that has passed through many hands.

Silly as it may sound, have you ever stopped to think about that button and its journey to be on your clothing?

Somewhere in the world right now someone is making buttons or sewing buttons on garments to feed and care for their family that tomorrow may be on the shirt you buy.

We often take for granted or not even give the simplest things like a button a second thought.  How was it made? What was it made of? Who made it? Was it Fair Trade?

Caring about the button and its maker, means caring for the world.

ChbaAttire mission is to design and produce garments with that care and respect for the earth and its inhabitants.

If you would like to learn more about Chbattire clothing, please check them out on Twitter @CHBAttire or

Thank-you for being part of the movement of conscious clothing and becoming a thread in the tapestry of our new world.

Respect, Honor and Dignity,



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