Sewing your own clothes

Sewing Your Own Clothes? Here’s A Guide to Ethical & Organic Materials

It’s hard to imagine in the age of online site and shopping malls that women once made all their clothes. Clothes for themselves, their families, and mending and sewing ripped items and other linens.

Before the 20th century, clothes shopping was a privilege of the super-rich. For the average woman, the number of dresses she had depended on her sewing skills and the money for thread and fabric.

It’s incredible that a skill so vital to put clothes on our back is now for most people, a relaxing hobby. It’s the perfect past time during the winter months when many of us are spending more time indoors.

Making your own clothes is empowering. The ability to choose the materials, construction and design enables the seamstress to create a garment that fits better and uses less energy and waste. We can begin this process by sourcing organic and sustainable fabrics.


Textile production has a significant impact on the environment. Cotton, for example, uses 16% of the world’s pesticides, even though it only covers 2.5% of land over the globe. The process of dyeing fabric can exhaust and heavily pollute water resources. These are good reasons to opt for organic and sustainable fabrics.

Below are retailers that produce organic and sustainable fabrics for garment production.

Simplifi – This Canadian company supplies an enormous range of everything from organic cotton to vegan fur. They have a variety of certifications that are scanned and posted on the site.

Efforts – Although they are primarily retail for hemp garments, they sell fabrics made from organic materials.

Organic Cotton Plus – Besides fabrics, they also sell yarn and notions made with organic textiles.

HoneyBeGood – A wide variety of fun fabrics such as “glimmer solids”.

Laura Chenoweth – This company is based in Nova Scotia and sells “peace silk”, a cotton/silk organic hybrid. The silkworms are not harmed in the process, hence the name.

Kinderel – A decent selection of bamboo fabric.  The website has information on the benefits of using bamboo for clothing on the site, also.

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