Pretty Things – A Guide to Sustainable & Ethical Lingerie Brands

Clothing retailers are producing sustainable garment collections more than ever before, so it makes sense that lingerie retailers are also following this trend. This is good news for consumers who want to move away from fast fashion retailers such as Victoria’s Secret.

Whether it’s clothing or lingerie, with fast fashion the issues remain the same – retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, Wal Mart and Forever 21 were cited in this study for unfair labor practices, forced overtime and other concerns associated with this type of garment production.

If you are interested in expanding your wardrobe of stylish and sustainable garments right down to your underthings, here are some retailers to choose from.


Reve En Vert – This company refers to themselves as an online retailer of sustainable luxury. Garments are made from upcycled and organic materials. Non-toxic dyes are used in their lingerie. They have strict standards for what they will sell and even their office workers practice what they preach.

Flat Frances – “Flat Frances” is the nickname of the company founder, Frances. Tired of buying bras in the tween section, the designer started making her own and turned it into a business. Now Flat Frances caters to women of all sizes with underwear made from sustainable fabrics such as bamboo.

Chakra Intimates – Formed by massage therapist Krista Ruegg, each piece features a crystal stone that balances the chakras. If you don’t believe in crystals, no problem; the lingerie pieces are timeless and elegant in design. Garments are made from 100% biodegradable Modal fabric and created in a US factory that provides fair wages and labor conditions.

Naja – This company uses fabric made from recycled plastic and believes in empowering women in the workforce. They employ mostly single mothers and hire women in impoverished communities in Colombia. They also have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Clare Bare – The designers at Clare Bare pride themselves on handmade designs created when inspiration strikes. The results? Sultry, modern and super foxy designs made from upcycled, salvage and eco-friendly materials. They also sell one of a kind designs, so you can create your very own collection.

Sustainable lingerie

These are just a few of the companies manufacturing lingerie from recycled and organic materials. While many organic clothing retailers tend to be expensive, many of these retailers price their lingerie on par with fast fashion brands. It’s never been easier to ditch fast fashion, support ethical labor and look great at the same time.


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