Sustainable And Stylish? Five Companies That Make Eco Fashion Trendy.

As more of us become aware of the downside to fast fashion, clothing retailers are also changing how they produce clothes.

This is great news for those of us who still associate “natural” garments with hippie clothes or tie dye. The new generation of eco-friendly designers have reinvented the idea of what clothing can look like as well as how it is produced.

The companies below use recycled materials, pay fair wages, produce organic cotton and use less natural resources to make their clothing. Supporting these retailers is a good way to reject fast fashion and still look great.

  1. Pact Apparel

Pact Apparel is committed to changing the clothing industry by the way they produce organic cotton clothing. Their site features basic items, such as t shirts and hoodies. From harvesting cotton to fair treatment and wages for workers, their business model to make a positive impact on the way retailers do business.


  1. KrochetKids

KrochetKids produces comfy, simple coordinates hand made by women in Uganda and Peru. Part of the #knowwhomadeit campaign, each piece is hand signed by the woman that made it. You can go online and write a note of encouragement to the woman who produced your clothing. Best of all, for the past 10 years, this company has worked to elevate women in Uganda and Peru out of poverty and provide them with safe and fair working conditions.


  1. TribeAlive

Tribe Alive’s mission is to join forces with female artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras and Texas and provide them with studios and fair wages. Tribe Alive produces clothing, but it’s their elegant, minimalist jewelry and accessories that are truly sublime.


  1. DL1961

DL1961 has reinvented how to produce denim, using eco friendly fibers that have reduced water, dye and energy use by 50%. They promote a model of using sustainable fibers to have less of an impact on the environment, with denim that lasts longer and fits better.


  1. Bead And Reel

You’ll never feel bad shopping at Bead And Reel. This vegan, cruelty free, female owned company is hypervigilant about providing ethically made and environmentally conscious apparel and jewelry. Their website provides plenty of resources on veganism and charity events to participate in.


The recurring theme with these retailers is that our purchasing decisions have an impact on how retailers produce clothing. If we continue to purchase sustainable clothing, and support industries committed to fair wages and conditions, you’ll see more of these businesses in the future.


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